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Stocks-Based Loans from Equities First Holdings: A Viable Alternative to Conventional Credit-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has been playing a leading role in alternative shareholder financing solutions for over a decade. It is now one of the few global lenders around. Prior to when the company came into existence, Al Christy, Jr., the founder , had the foresight of seeing the important place stock-based loans will occupy in an economic situations where financial institutions like banks tighten lending criteria. Today, the company is gaining more and more popularity as it provides a viable alternative for people in need of urgent capital and who may not meet the requirements of institutions offering conventional credit-based loans.

Equities First Holdings is committed to providing capital backed with publicly traded stocks or shares traded on public exchanges any where in the globe. EFH has so far completed well over 650 transactions, the estimated worth of which is far beyond $1.4 billion.Even though individuals have multiple options when it comes to getting loans, it must not be forgotten that many banks these days are prone to cutting borrowers lending options, increasing interest rates and tightening loan qualifications. This trend has forced smart and intelligent business men and women to now opt for loans collateralized by stocks having discovered they are about the most innovative borrowing alternative for business persons and organizations seeking working capital.

Stock-based loans come with high loan-to-value ratios and a fixed interest rate, and they provide some level of certainty while the transaction last.It is now up to business persons and organizations in need of urgent working capitals to opt for loans collateralize with stocks having a fixed and low interest rate, with a non-recourse feature and an appreciable high loan-to-value ratio. Equities First Holdings remains the best source of loan.


Mike Baur’s Startup Industry Experience

The startup industry is one of the most-volatile and interesting in the world. Someone who wishes to begin a business may approach Mike Baur and he will help them as part of his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. He knows that there are a great many companies that need funding in the new age, and he wishes to reach out to them as soon as possible. He will get them on a track that will lead to success, and this article shows how he will ensure the company is safe from losses that may have plagued them int he past.


#1: Where Does Funding Come From?


Mike has many connections in the industry that will reach out to him with funding, and he will pass on funding to his clients as it is offered. There are many exciting ideas that may bend the ears of investors, and Mike will get to know investors who are interested in working with his clients. He teaches clients how to use the money properly, and he saves them the trouble of learning on the job.


#2: Governance Issues


There are many governance issues that must be discussed when a company is started, and the company will be much better off if it follows the advice that Mike gives. Mike wants to see his clients choose managers and board members who will make a difference, and he will show his clients that there is a way to choose someone who will serve the business for many years to come. Mike does not get involved himself, but he does act as a mentor for his clients.


#3: Securing Funding For Future Projects


Mike knows that many of his clients have special projects they need funding for, and they will have another chance to come to him for help if they are not yet out of the funding phase. Mike does not graduate anyone from his business until they are able to stand on their own two feet, and he believes that he will help them emerge as a strong company that will stand the test of time.


Mike Baur is an expert in the startup industry who has spent many years working with companies that need a boost. He finds the funding that will make them better, and he ensures that they are formed properly so that they may be managed and governed as well as possible.


Sam Tabar: A Lawyer Who Has Made it Big in the World of Investments

Sam Tabar qualified as an attorney in 2000 after graduating from Oxford University and Columbia Law School. In 2001, he began practicing law under Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates. During his three years at Skadden, Sam specialized in offering legal advice to hedge fund investors on funding formation, compliance issues, and investment management.

Upon leaving Skadden in 2004, Sam left the legal field to venture into the area of finance and investment for nine years and worked at SPARX Group Co and the Bank of America.

He made a return to the legal scene in 2013 to work as a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, before earning an appointment by FullCycle Energy Fund to serve as their COO. Today, Sam manages his practice in the State of New York. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Sam’s Accomplishments

At SPARX Group, Sam had risen to the managing director post, which made him the firm’s head of business. During his tenure, the company launched the macro and direct lending funds and managed to raise a record $500 million from them.

Sam Tabar also used his position to strike a partnership deal with a Japanese firm, Nikko, which yielded sales to the tune of $700 million. He was also able to organize successful roadshows in Asia, Europe, and the USA, increasing the firm’s clients to over 850 relations.

At the Bank of America, Sam was the Director of Merrill Lynch and Head of Capital Strategy. Bloomberg reported that Sam Tabar was tasked with the responsibility of dealing with all needs of the firm’s hedge fund clients. In this role, he was able to recruit a talented and experienced team from across the world that helped him engineer a Global Rolodex of over1200 investors.

Sam also organized several highly successful conferences and round table meetings that resulted in solid strategic plans. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and in 2011, Global Custodian Survey ranked Merrill Lynch as the best firm with respect to Capital Introductions.

Media Feature

In January 2015, the PR Newswire featured Sam Tabar where he shared some New Year investment tips. He cautioned people against investing in risky commodity trading. Instead, he urged them to consider investing in private businesses.

The investment legacy that Felipe Montoro Jens will leave Behind

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative in many countries. This is because when it is done in the proper manner, the returns are quite impressive. However, for this to happen, it is important to carry out your due diligence when making the investment. Successful investors in the Brazilian real estate market have been sharing tips and advice about the things that helped them succeed in the sector. Below is the journey that Felipe Montoro Jens followed to achieve his current success and the legacy that he is aiming to establish in the industry.

Like many other investors, when he finished his college education, Felipe Montoro Jens started out by seeking for employment. He worked several jobs before he started realizing that to have an easier time during his later years, he would have to think about investing. Like all other successful entrepreneurs on, he decided that he would look for areas where a gap between demand and supply existed and the Brazilian real estate market was his first stop.

To succeed in an already flooded market, Felipe Montoro Jens thought about value added real estate investing. The first concern that he had, were the perennial issues that seemed to plague the sector, poor sanitation, poor building standards and inability to follow the set building codes. He oversaw the body that would later come to review and change everything about the Brazilian building codes.

Then, Felipe Montoro Jens realized that the market for the property was dwindling. He combined innovation with the need to solve the existing problems and came up with real estate property that was value-added at. His company started creating property that would use concepts such as energy creation, waste recycling, water production and other environmentally sensitive approaches. This has paid off greatly because the property he has created has become some of the most popular in the market according to

Traveling Vineyard – The Best Wine Business

Traveling Vineyard is a company whose story began in 2001 when they held their first-in-home wine tasting. The company mainly deals with selling wine. The main objective of the company, when they started, was to make wine tasting less stuffy.

This has been realized and as of today the company has over 1,000 Wine Guides in over 40 states. The company has 21 different varieties of wine which are categorized under red, white and sweet and fizzy.

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In order to start earning, one has to first join the company and become a wine guide. You can become a wine guide for $179 where $99 is for success kit and $75 for your first two tasting tests. The success kit is accompanied with everything you need to get started. That is, wine glasses and decanters, openers, carrying bags, brochures, order forms, marketing materials, education cards and your first two wine kits. Therefore you will be good to host two tasting parties.

One of the main benefits of being in Traveling Vineyard is that you can make $15 – $35 in commission based on monthly sales. Payments are made in 3 times a month through direct deposit. By being a wine guide you get 20% discount of wine.

Reason one may participate in the Traveling Vineyard is because firstly, Americans love wine. They consumed 892 million gallons of wine in 2013 according to the Wine Institute. Secondly, Wine is a consumable product, so it’s easy to get reorders. They have a wide selection of wines, so there’s something that will appeal to every taste.

As for the social media presence, Traveling Vineyard is widely followed, liked and recognized. To sum up, Traveling Vineyard is an ideal business to venture in as it requires little capital to start yet it has a broad market.

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Why Are So Many People Enrolling In Innovacare Health Insurance Program?

Innovacare Health has become a top choice of healthcare options for many citizens across the country. If you are not sure about what you can do to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success, part of it has a lot to do with protecting your health. One of the best ways of ensuring that this occurs is by enrolling in a healthcare program that provides you with everything that you need to live a healthy life.

Enrolling in a healthcare program is more than about having assurance of knowing that you’re protected, it has a lot to do with knowing that should you become sick, you will have a group of professionals by your side who will ensure that your recovery process is as easy as possible. Many people are unaware of the benefits that can be had from enrolling in health insurance packages. One of the benefits of choosing Innovacare Health insurance options specifically is that they also provide physician services. This is beneficial for anyone who may have become hurt in an injury, or if they are working on recovering from surgery. The physician services are conducted by some of the fields best professionals of therapists. You will certainly be receiving value when considering their services.

Read more article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

Innovacare Health is perhaps a reflection of the values and excellence of its CEO, Rick Shinto. Rick Shinto has shown time and time again through the work that he provides that he’s a great figure who truly cares about the progress of communities in the nation. Rick Shinto has earned the Entrepreneur of The Year award in 2012 and has provided services to businesses and communities alike. He is perhaps one of the reasons some people have chosen to enroll in Innovacare Health care as they may know about the quality person that he is and believe in his efforts of making the nation better by providing people with what they need, which in this case, is health insurance.

If you are looking to enroll in Innovacare Health insurance options, be sure to visit the website at to get an insight on further details and the steps that are required for you to take to enroll.


Dick DeVos Spreads His Charitable Giving Across Many Groups

The DeVos family is already well known to the people of Michigan for the wide range of philanthropic donations the family has been providing to local, national, and international groups since Richard DeVos founded the AmWay Group direct sales company close to his home in Grand Rapids. I myself became aware of the excellent works completed by the DeVos family during the 1990s when Dick DeVos made his way to the position of President and CEO of the AmWay Group after a long career with AmWay and in other areas of business; although I was sad to hear of the retirement of Dick DeVos from AmWay in the early 21st century I have been happy to see his philanthropic work has not fallen away over the years.


The last information available on the charitable donations of Dick DeVos and his Secretary of Education wife Betsy show the couple gave around $11.6 million to a range of groups and programs across the world; during the vetting process for her position with the Department of Education Betsy DeVos declared her philanthropic and political donations, which amazed me as the couple gave just over $5 million to support political campaigns, a figure that I am happy to see is around half of that given to charitable groups.


I first became aware of Dick DeVos in 1991 when he became a young President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and proved many of the doubters wrong who believed he was too young to make a success of his role; in fact, Dick proved such a success that Richard DeVos called him back to AmWay just two years later to take over as the President and CEO of AmWay. The success of AmWay has been protected by Dick DeVos through his decision to restructure the company with the Alticor parent group, which made sure AmWay was prepared for the demands of the 21st century in the direct sales industry. Following the completion of the corporate restructuring Dick retired, but I am pleased to say he has continued to invest in various business interests through his own investment company, The Windquest Group.


Looking at the DeVos family as a whole provides an even more amazing picture of the philanthropy undertaken by almost every member of this beloved Michigan family; I was shocked to read the philanthropic giving of the family reaches more than $100 million in 2015 alone as the entire family is estimated to have donated more than $1.3 billion to good causes over their lifetime. Dick and Betsy DeVos are reported to have provided more than $139 million to good causes in their lifetime and I am happy to report their major educational giving remains located in their home state of Michigan.


Copa Star a World Class Hospital

Copa Star Hospital was inaugurated in October 2016 after being constructed for three years; it is a world-class hospital located in South Rio. Technology at the hospital is top notch, and patients who have stayed for long can do video conferencing to feel in touch with social world; the top-gear diagnostic center and MRI machines are found only in selected hospitals around the world and with this patients do not need to go elsewhere for services. The hospital is 21,000 square meters and seven floors, big enough to accommodate many patients; this is a hospital that can never be congested.

Patients can also access control of lights and curtains through an iPad; they can also receive MRI images and communicate with doctors and staff on the same iPad. Every aspect of the hospital is inviting and has high-quality setting; their dining area is comfortable and has an excellent menu to pick from, the foods served are prepared by great chefs. The corridors do not have the feeling of being in the hospital and visiting lounge is inviting.

Professionals of Copa Star went through intensive training to be suitable to offer the clients high-class services; prior to the training, they were selected from the best so they can give qualified services. It has over five hundred employees, and one hundred and thirty are doctors; here patients can get maximum attention from the professional at any time because of the ratio of clients and practitioners, is perfect.

At Copa Star privacy for celebrity patients, is high; entrance and exits are built in a way that they can come in and out without public noticing; the staffs are also trained to deal with such clients. With all this world-class facility and building, Copa Star assures customers that their health comes first, that is not just about the beautiful infrastructure. They aim at giving a pleasant environment for recovering after treatment; Executive Director of D’Or, Rodrigo Gavina believes a favorable atmosphere will make recovering fast.

Copa Star hospital’s founder, president, and cardiologist, Jorge Moll says the hospital is an alternative to flying out to seek medical assistance. They are planning to open other branches around the world with as time goes. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of high-class hospital Copa Star is the place to go. Visit their page on

Why Brian Bonar Is One Of California’s Leading Entrepreneurs

The state that comprises the majority of the country’s Western border has long been a place where those people who are both artistic and adventurous could find a place to call their own.

California occupies an important place in American history as the place that drew many hopeful people who wanted get involved in the area’s gold rush during the 1800s. In a sense it has kind of cemented the state’s reputation as a place that is hospitable to people with big dreams.

While the would-be millionaires mined much of the state’s precious minerals in the 1800s it is now a place where people are still coming seeking the gold that can come from achieving one’s longheld personal goals.

It is a place where entrepreneurs with big ideas come to seek out the investors and the employees who have the skills to make their big idea a reality through persistence and the charisma that comes from believing in oneself. It is the place where many other people who have dreamed of seeing themselves gracing the silver screen as an actor or actress also go to buckle down and make that dream a reality.

The state is also home to the recording studios where aspiring music producers and pop stars spend time writing the lyrics and producing the beats that could be part of the country’s next big musical hit. It is a place where creativity meets ambition and spawns the sort of art and technology that could change the world.

The state has drawn the likes of Beyonce who left behind her New York home and moved to the aptly named Golden State with her Brooklyn-born husband. It has also drawn the likes of people who are lesser known but arguably no less ambitious like Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar.

Bonar is a recovering mechanical engineer who has followed in the footsteps of many California transplants and joined the ranks of people who have started their own businesses.

Brian Bonar has launched companies that include Trucept, ITEC Imaging Technologies Incorporated and Bezier Systems. Bonar has provided leadership to each of these companies as either a founder, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman or managing member.

His work at a company that he launched that is known as Dalrada Financial Corporation helped to earn Brian Bonar an important professional accolade in 2010. Bonar, who holds the most senior leadership positions at Dalrada Financial Corporation including Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, was recognized by the Cambridge Who’s Who.

In the year 2010 Bonar received the honor of being Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Receiving the honor of being named a Who’s Who Executive of the Year is very competitive. According to PR Newswire only four executives are able to receive the honor in each of the categories every year. In 2010 Bonar was one of the four professionals named in the finance category.

Oncotarget Journal Optimizing Research Impact through Insightful Peer-Review

In the present world, it would be of extraordinary need to access scientific information effectively and easily. That is the open door that Oncotarget – the multidisciplinary routine journal offers on week by week premise. Also, you can print the substance when they are required for different usages. The journals goal is to ensure everybody who needs scientific data; regardless of whether seeking for results and research substance can get them effectively without paying. In like way, the Oncotarget journal offers awesome revelations that can be shared quickly while going past the cutoff purposes of various qualities. Oncotarget works together with several other members in the biomedical science fields and enables application of fundamental clinical science that is directing to combating sicknesses.

Under the endeavors of the most re-known analysts, the journal helps all masters add to the science work since helping people to spend lives without suffering from diseases is the main objective for Oncotarget. The achievement of Oncotarget has empowered the journal to distribute distinctive materials from past, present and even getting the highlights of the future ones becomes easy. The well ordered associate inspected public medicinal journal reviews concentrates on the whole parts of oncology. It was begun in 2010 and at present it is disseminated by Impact Journals. The present director editors are Mikhail Blagosklonny & Andrei V. Gudkov (Roswell Park Cancer Institute) and Andrei V. Gudkov (Roswell Park Cancer Institute).

Oncotarget is a worldwide associate assessed journal focusing on the presentation of various sorts of cancers, potential trends of treatment and treatment traditions information that is used to upgrade the administrations given to cancer patients. The journal correspondingly focuses on the impact of association attempts and new medical specialists, not leaving behind treatments of history on patient perspectives, for instance, patients’ fulfillment, satisfaction and adherence. Oncotarget reviews about the verification behind new and existing medications, other than improving the outcomes, and in a general sense, delineating their utilization to the best take-up and what can lead to healing of affected casualties.

Reasonable attribution can be enabled by simply searching for the primary article posted. In case the info you are looking for is not part of the appropriated article, for instance, a feature image, it is prescribed to incorporate into your pursuit the writer of the work, issue, volume, and the date the journal was published online. The journal persuades clients in sharing and getting distributed substance. In addition, Oncotarget has enabled the standard permit to ones specific work that provides users with the advantage of making your work uninhibitedly and effortlessly accessible. Also available on DovePress.Com.