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Richard Mishaan Design: Creating Beautiful Spaces

When you think about interior design or architectural firms in the United States, one of the few that come to mind is Richard Mishaan Design. The firm was established by Richard Mishaan, a Colombian-born architect and designer. Richard Mishaan is an alumnus of the Colombia University, School of Architecture. He is also a graduate from the New York University, where he earned his BA degree.

Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design firm that has earned its reputation in the market. The firm has also bagged some of the top clients in the real estate and hospitality industries. Not only do they work with commercial clients, but also homeowners. The firm is known for its mix of master designs and creative spaces.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist design for your office space, or you simply want to turn your hotel into a cozy and luxurious accommodation unit, Richard Mishaan Design has the right team for the job. Richard’s idea was to come up with a business that is a one-stop shop for all your design needs. He owns a line of furniture and lighting, which he uses to turn spaces into beautiful nooks.

Richard’s furniture business is located in Greenwich Village. Customers usually find anything they are looking for in the shop. Whether it is a vintage chair or a contemporary piece of furniture, you can be guaranteed of its quality. Richard believes that what make spaces beautiful are a few unique pieces and not necessarily the number. His home, for instance, is a true testimony to this theory.

Apart from running his interior design firm, Richard also enjoys writing. He has two published books to his name. He also enjoys fashion, something which he incorporates in almost all his designs.



The Secret behind Securus Technology Success-Rick Smith

Every company wants to have high returns and be named as one of the best enterprises in the state. No company begins with the aim of failing. However, a majority of the companies do not live to see their dream come true. One of the contributing factors is a poor choice in the leadership system. A good CEO is a key to the success of every institution. This is because the CEO makes a lot of major decisions for the firm. It is these decisions that either fail the company or builds the business. It is, therefore, crucial for every company to evaluate their CEO before nominating them.Securus Company is among the leading companies in technology provision. Many designers and engineers have been trying to take their position with no success. This is because of its able CEO Rick Smith. Rick Smith was announced officially as the Securus technologies firm on June 23, 2008.The nomination was as a result of his expertise and experience in the field.

Rick Smith has very quality credentials academically. To begin with, his a degree holder of B.Sc. Engineering. Smith also holds a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA. With this kind of knowledge, Smith can run the company in achieving its goal.Apart from the rich academic background, Rick Smith is very experienced. This is because he worked for other companies before joining Securus Company. Smith is remembered for a good job in his past work stations. In Eschelon-Telkom he helped the Company hit a $350 million revenue from its initial $30million.He also helped the EBITBDA achieve $80M.With this combination, Smith is the ideal CEO of the Securus technology. He is highly innovative as well and continues to outdo other companies in the field.The Securus technology specializes in both public safety as well as the penitentiary technologies.

The company has helped maintain the bond between the inmates and their family members. Human beings are programmed to forget the people they do not see. This can be very harsh to the detainees. Having no one to show you love while you locked up, could cause enmity between the inmate and their family.Luckily, the prisoners are not subjected to this kind of punishment. Securus Company has invented special gadgets that allow the inmates to communicate with the outside world. The gadgets have the options of using audio or video calls. There is a program that the prisoner’s family can sign up to, to communicate with the convicts away from jail. This has made communication with detainees more efficient. Securus Company has been making significant steps in the provision of high technology. This shows that Rick Smith is the right leader for the company. Securus technology has a big number of people depending on it for safety, and it has made it satisfy all of them.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: Researching About Anti-Aging

A theory that has become prevalent during the past few years was that aging is a disease that can be cured. One of those who believe in this theory is Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, an oncologist and a scientist who has been dedicating his time and energy to create the medicine that will terminate the process of aging and be recognized as the man who discovered the key to immortality. About Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny he  is a graduate of the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, where he was awarded with a M.D. and a Ph.D. title. Right after graduating from the university, he decided to move to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and stayed there as a professor of oncology. His knowledge about cancer grew during his stay at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and one day, while checking out on a research that they have been doing, he discovered something. He found out that a substance named rapamycin can unlock so many potential, including the formulation of a drug that can reverse the aging process and will be a giant step towards immortality. Upon finding out the information about rapamycin, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny conducted a separate research that would focus on the substance.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny lead a group of scientist that would study the potential of rapamycin, and through their hard work and perseverance, each research result is giving them positive news. According to the study of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, rapamycin – which is a substance that is being used to treat cancer – has two centric models that have the ability to reverse the aging process. These centric models were named as the TOR and the MTOR models, and they can be found in three ways. First would be through the help of genetics. Healthy parents who possess the TOR and the MTOR centric model has a huge chance of passing it to their offspring. Next would be through cellular senescence, in which new cells created by the TOR and MTOR models would have the same centric models in their system. These new centric models can be extracted from the rejuvenated cells that were transformed by rapamycin. Last but not the least would be from diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

What happens after a person managed to get these centric models into their body is that their immunity would become stronger, and they would be more immune to deadly diseases. However, one must understand that the research of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is not yet final and he is still conducting tests up unto this day to prove his theory.The theory was published by Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny five years ago and presented it to a group of scientists. They laughed after Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny presented his theory, but fast forward to the present day, the same scientists who laughed about his idea are slowly backsliding and they are starting to take him seriously after they duplicated his research and proved that an anti-aging drug can be created today using the existing technologies. Presently, giant drug manufacturing companies like Novartis are also creating their own version of the anti-aging drug. If Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted to become the first man to discover immortality, he should work on his research faster.

Aloha Construction: Helping Restore Homes and Lives

Aloha Construction Inc. is a company dedicated to remodeling and improving homes to help them maintain their beauty and overall value. Many types of services are offered by Aloha Construction Inc. such as kitchen remodeling, removal of mold, and fire damage restoration, only to name a few. Offering free inspection and consultation, Aloha Construction is able to provide customers with estimates in an honest and transparent manner. Having been certified by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, Aloha Construction is guaranteed to be a reputable and ethical company that will provide professional service. To provide customers with quality service Aloha Construction has also been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

Based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois Aloha Construction, Inc. is a family owned company that has sought to bring quality service to individuals seeking to remodel or restore damaged parts of their home. Since storms are common in the Midwest, in places such as Illinois, Aloha Construction aims to help people in bringing their homes back to life especially after having suffered any loss or damage to their roofs, siding, or gutters and to know more

Since Aloha Construction is locally based, the contractors and roofers can be trusted. Areas near Lake Zurich, Illinois can certainly benefit from the services provided by Aloha Construction Inc. especially during times of tough weather such as high winds, storms, and heavy snow. Many homes take a beating because of the harsh elements and that is why Aloha Construction does its best to give people the opportunity to seek out their services.



Successful Growth of InnovaCare Health under the Leadership of Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading healthcare service providers in North America. The firm specializes in Medicaid Programs and Medicare Advantage. They have created models which enable members to access quality healthcare that is cost-effective, sustainable and technological friendly. One year ago, Dr. Rick Shinto, the President and CEO of the company, announced the addition of three executives to its management team. It was a strategy to boost the expertise of InnovaCare’s entire team. The executives hired were; Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino.Penelope Kokkinides had garnered extensive experience operating Medicare and Medicaid programs. She was hired to serve as the firm’s Chief Administration Officer. Her extensive skills in creating managed healthcare and clinical programs made her the suitable person to serve in this position. Previously, she held executive roles at Centerlight Health, where she served as deputy COO.

Penelope was expected to bring valuable experience, especially on the government funded programs, Medicaid and Medicare.Jonathan Meyers was hired to serve as the company’s Chief Actuary Officer. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Meyers served at Horizon BCBS. He was in charge of actuarial services, Medicaid and Medicare. Meyers had also served at New York based HealthCare Partners as its Chief Actuary Officer. Mike Sortino was hire to serve as the firm’s Chief Accounting Officer. Mike had garnered vast experience in this field, serving as Controller and CFO of several firms. In addition, Mr. Sortino has over two decades of experience operating in reinsurance and insurance industry.According to Rick Shinto, the three executives are a reflection high level expertise, professional integrity and experience required at InnovaCare Health. These executives were expected to add their unique skill set to the InnovaCare’s leadership team and enable the firm realize its goals.

InnovaCare’s Founder Daniel E. Straus

InnovaCare Health was founded by Daniel E. Straus. He is credited for successfully leading the firm to become the largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans in the U.S. Currently, he serves as the firm’s Chairman and also controlling shareholders. He was also involved in the operation of Rick Shinto, a leading physician firm based in Southern California.Besides his role in business, Daniel E. Straus is a committed philanthropist. He has personally supported a variety of charitable causes through different foundations he created from his vast businesses. Through his philanthropic and charitable initiatives, Daniel has funded numerous organizations, especially those based in New York City and surrounding cities.


Nabors industry is an industry that was started in 1968 as an Anglo Energy Limited Company. The Company is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Antony Petrello who is famously known as Tony is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board of Nabors Industries Limited. This industry is the largest company in the world that deals in geothermal and natural gas.

Antony Petrello graduated from both Harvard University and Yale University. While in Harvard he acquired a degree in law and when in Yale he acquired a degree in Mathematics. After he graduated he went on and joined a law firm by the name Baker and McKenzie. He then moved to New York where he took the position of Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office, he held the position from 1986 to 1991.

In 1991, Antony Petrello moved to Nabors Industries and became the Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, he took the position of the president of the industry. He held the position up to 2003 where he took the position of Deputy Chairman of the Industry. He held the position up to 2011 where he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He became the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries. Antony petrello, besides being the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries ,he was the Director of Stewart and Stevenson Company and also he was the Director of Media on Demand Company and he is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Antony Petrello is popular since he is the most paid boss in the United States of America. He is not Nabors Industry producer but he is a contract driller and oil-filled service company.

The company does not only deal in natural gas and geothermal it also provides onshore well-servicing, offshore drilling rig servicing.

Antony Petrello’s success has inspired many people who admire him. People who know him say that he is a man who is humble and honest and they agree that the pay he gets is worth it. Tony is a man who has good business strategies and brilliant.



Rick Smith is a Prison Innovator

Rick Smith has worked for Securus for nearly 10 years and, in that time, he has come up with many new innovations that will help people have a better experience while they are in prison and while they are working for Rick. They know what they are doing and they know that they can make things better for the prison. Rick Smith has always worked hard to provide the prisons with the help that they need through technology and other areas. He treis to make sure that Securus has the most innovative solutions so that the prsions will be able to choose them over other prison industry companies. It is something that has set the business apart from others and something that has made it easier for them to get the best experience possible no matter what is going on with the prison and with the differnet opportunities.

One thing that Rick Smith did that no other company had done before him was make sure that the company had kiosks. These are technologically advanced pices of equipment that the prisons can use for the prisoners to be able to communicate on. They can call their loved ones, request commissary items, check how much money they have and even communicate with the administrators of the prisons. These kiosks make things easier for prisoners and for people to be able to use them while they are in prisons. All of this helps the administration be able to do their jobs and to make things better for their own lives.Rick Smith knows, though, that prisons are not just all about the prisoners.

He knows that the prisons need to have strong administration opportunities so that people can try their best. He wants to make sure that the administration is being taken care of and that they don’t have to worry about the issues that come from running the prison. Rick Smith knows a lot about the right way to run it and is confident that he can help people with the experiences that they have so that they will be able to focus on keeping the prison safe.For administrators, Rick Smith developed different kiosks. He has booking kiosks and other ones that the administrators can use. These make things easier on the prison officials and will allow them the chance to make things better. Rick Smith knows a lot about how to help the prisoners and what he can do to improve the chances of the prisoners getting out which is something that will always help the administration because of the lower rates of return on the prisoners who come back into the prison and who want to be able to get out.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Journey to Success

The world of sleep-related disorders had been underserved for a long time. However, there are medical professionals that are stepping up to the plate. With Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is now on the front line in combating sleep related disorders. Despite the fact that these disorders had been previously seen as less catastrophic, recent research has proven that they are related to fatal ailments such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. With this information in mind, Dr. Weisfogel was touched by the statistics that very few patients with sleep-related disorders get diagnosed.
When he launched into the field of sleep-related disorders, Dr. Weisfogel established a company by the name Hearty Heart Sleep. This organization aimed at reaching to physicians across the globe and sensitizing them on developing and managing sleep labs. He later decided to go all in in 2014 and established the Dental Sleep Masters. This company aimed at helping dentists to make more impact in the treatment of sleep disorders.
Dr. Weisfogel is also recognized for his outstanding role in the philanthropic world. He established the Go Fund Me campaign that aimed at garnering funds in support for the Operation Smile. The Operation Smile is an organization that is dedicated to helping kids, as well as adults, with cleft lips and palates or any other kind of facial deformities. The organization has completed over 200,000 operations in more than 100 countries across the globe.
Dr. Weisfogel is a dentist who is accomplished in more than just his field. Based in New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel is a professional with an outstanding background. He attended the Rutgers University and graduated with a BA in biology and psychology. He then attended the New York College of Dentistry and attained a DDS. Speaking on Ideamensch, Dr. Weisfogel said that the idea of Dental Sleep Masters was inspired by his experiences with patients who had sleep-related disorders.

Can you buy Beneful Dog Food From Walmart?

When you are going out on your grocery shopping trip, it is important to not only buy healthy food for yourself but for your four-legged friends as well. Beneful is one of the healthiest options when it comes to dog food. Their natural ingredients will help your dog live a long and healthy life. Walmart is an industry giant in the world of supermarkets. There are great options when it comes to Beneful dog food during your Walmart shopping trip.

One of Beneful’s most popular dog foods is the original blend with salmon. There is a 31.1 pound option for sale at Walmart for only $26.98. There are also great coupon deals that will help you purchase this great coupon for dog food an even lower price.


Where Does Jason Hope See the Internet of Things in the Future?

The tech industry is buzzing right now thanks to the work done by futurist, philanthropist, and all around tech savvy genius — Jason Hope. Jason Hope is, of course, one of the loudest voices rallying behind the new industry-within-an-industry: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a concept that has been developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. What the Internet of Things is, shortened to IoT on occasion, is a reference to how all of our possessions will one day find their way to being connected with the internet.

Now, it is obvious that the Internet of Things is still a relatively fringe subject. Most people aren’t familiar with the phrase and the ones that are have become fully invested within it. The Internet of Things is not just going to be a tech game changer, it could become a worldly game changer. Jason Hope’s focus for the better part of the last two years has been to get people more educated on what the Internet of Things actually is going to represent when it becomes more involved in the mainstream and that is what we will be echoing today.

The Internet of Things, as Hope points out, can be used for entertainment purposes. Under Armour has released a line of athletic shoes called the SpeedForm Gemini 2 which operate under the umbrella of the Internet of Things. Google has been working on a self driving car. Virgin Atlantic, the airline company, has been renovating their approach to customer service by following these same concepts. The Internet of Things is already being seen as a massive industry within the tech and entertainment field, but there is so much more to fully realize.

What Jason Hope anticipates happening is a fundamental shift in the way our world operates thanks to the IoT. Imagine how our public services can eliminate waste, improve quality of life, and even save lives by way of the Internet of Things. Change is coming in the future and people are starting to get on board. Jason Hope will be waiting for them when they get there. His LinkedIn Profile.

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