Grief Retreats
Shining Light Grief Retreats are a series
of one-day, two-day and weekend
retreats held at some of the most
beautiful spa resorts on the sunny South
Florida beaches. Come renew your spirit
and receive loving support as you
journey through grief. Take home tools to
make your life happy once again.
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A grief retreat is a chance to renew,
not just escape.

One of the greatest difficulties of
grieving is that even though death
happens, life does not stop. Bills still
need to be paid, kids still go to school,
If we are lucky, we may be able to
take a little time off to take a breath.

Grief forces us to change our lives, and
ourselves. Taking time to reevaluate
and truly comprehend what has
happened is a vital part of this process.

Many try taking a vacation, but is it
enough? It may remove us from the
immediate situation, but is it merely an
escape? Is it spiritual? Is it actually

As humans, we all have in us the "fight
or flight" response, when trauma or
crisis happens. The choice to flee or
fight is an integral part of beginning to
heal. No one is wrong for initially
fleeing. The grief may be more than
one can handle.

Eventually, however, one must fight
to make life stable and happy again -
for our spouses, our children and
ultimately for ourselves.

Our grief retreats offer not just an
escape from the pain, but actual
healing from grief. When we begin
healing, we can live again.
A retreat is an opportunity to completely immerse
yourself in healing with no distraction, in a relaxing,
supportive and positively charged atmosphere with
others who are in different stages of grief
themselves. Obviously,the longer retreats are more
intensive and productive to start you in your healing
process, but one day can be enough to kickstart you
on the road to healing.

Retreats are open to all adults, men, women, teens,
couples, friends or groups. Women's and special
groups can be accommodated for topical retreats
(childloss, widows, etc) upon request.

A typical retreat will include:

Gentle stretch & meditation

Healthy foods (up to three meals a day, plus snacks)

Beach walks

Group, workshops & one-on-one support (intensive,

twice a day)

Guest speakers

Spa treatments

Education and loving support from others who have
suffered loss

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