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USHEALTH Group Inc., the Best Provider of Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a privately owned group of companies that provide exceptional tailor-made health coverage services. Through its subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, USHEALTH Group Inc. offers specific insurance services on Accidents, Disabilities, and Diseases. With more than five decades experience and service to over 15 million clients, USHEALTH Group has achieved tremendous success as well as winning various business awards.

Company’s Products

Based in Fort Worth Texas, USHEALTH Group of companies believes in providing their clients with unique, reliable, flexible and affordable insurance products. USHEALTH Group has over the years focused on expertly offering health coverage meant for individuals who are self-employed, small entrepreneurs as well as their families. USHEALTH innovatively combines its employee’s unique talents and that of their agents to provide superior services to their customers. Also, they have strived to offer profitable and competitive insurance products.

The group fundamentals drive the USHEALTH Group subsidiaries, ‘Every customer is special and unique.’ They specialize in health coverage services like accidents, fixed indemnity health plans, dental insurance, critical illness as well as life insurance coverage. Also, the group offers other consultancy services including guaranteed issue plans, health insurance agents, and insurance agent recruiting.

Furthermore, USHEALTH Group Inc. through its subsidiary USHEALTH Advisor offers its customers with special counsel. The certified and authorized agent provides expert guidance to the company’s client on the health insurance services. The subsidiary assists customers on a daily basis to understand the sophisticated health insurance services. Therefore, customers can choose the appropriate products for Disease/sickness, life, and supplemental services.

Recognition and Achievement

USHEALTH Group Inc. won the 2017 Gold Winner at the CEO World Awards for its initiative in Corporate Social Responsibility. The desired global award embraces the world’s best innovation, company performance, leadership, products, and services invention. Speaking after receiving the award, the group President and CEO, Troy McQuagge, appreciated the recognition. He dedicated the winnings to the company’s employee and agents’ effort, having worked so hard to make a positive difference in American lives.

At the CEO World Award, the group CEO, Troy McQuagge bagged the 2017 Gold Winner CEO of the Year Award for the second year running. His recognition was for his exceptional leadership skills at the helm of the group. In February 2017, USHEALTH Advisor won the Gold Stevie Award for the category of the National Sales Team of the Year. The Stevie Award recognizes exceptional customer services, business development, contact center as well as the sales professionals.

In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named among the top American Companies by the Top 50 North American Call Center for their unique customer services. Also, the group unequaled customer care services have earned them the Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

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Troy McQuagge Acknowledged by One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge is a serial entrepreneur, business executive and sales professional. He has more than 30 years of vast know-how in health insurance. He primarily concentrates on start-ups and small business proprietors. McQuagge was born in Panama City, Florida and later attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with B.A in legal studies.

In 1983, Troy began working at Allstate Insurance, where he gained skills for a couple of years. On September 1996, he shifted to HealthMarket where and worked for 11 years as the president. Under his leadership HealthMarkets Agency, a marketing firm, significantly improved its yearly sales and revenue turnover. In 2010, McQuagge became the CEO and the president of USHEALTH Advisors where he is up-to-date. Troy has been known for his ability to find solutions difficult situations in the firm. Currently stationed in Coppell, Texas, Troy is termed by his colleagues to be a goal minded and visionary leader.

The Company

Troy McQuagge as the president of USHEALTH manages the project whose results were the unveiling of USHEALTH Advisors. The advisory branch objective was to be a distributive agency. In 2014, Troy McQuagge was elected the CEO of USHEALTH Group. His focal point was on individual insurance below the age of 65 and oversaw the firm’s development and an increase in profit margins.

USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm’s duty entails the distribution of insurance and its functioning. It focuses on small businesses, and self-employed individuals offering them the service health insurance. USHEALTH Group with the help of its experienced employees and agents has taken the profits to reach a new high in the health industry. From his effort and commitment, McQuagge was awarded the 2016 gold award in the CEO category by One Planet Award.

The Award

The Planet one Award acknowledges greatness in both individuals and businesses in any industry. The Award seeks to recognize individuals with vast leadership, innovation, organizational performance, corporate social responsibility, new product and services development capabilities. Any organization, may it be a non-profit or profit-making, limited or unlimited liability, and new or existing firms are given an opportunity to apply for the award for nominations. Check more:


Making Decisions About the Right Kind of FreedomLife Insurance Can Be Important

Life insurance is the perfect vehicle as it supplies an instant estate at the very moment a person passes away, and the price is discounted tremendously. The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers a very good program for customers to plan their life insurance estate and the policies to back the planning.

There are two types of life insurance, term life coverage and permanent life coverage. Term life is really temporary coverage as it will always expire at a certain date. Term coverage can be purchased by time periods of 10, 15, 20 and 30-year time-spans. This type of coverage is the least expensive due to its limited time of coverage.

Permanent life insurance is just that. It is permanent and does not expire like term does. In addition, term can go up in price but permanent live coverage does not. Permanent coverage will remain the same in price and coverage after it is issued until the insured dies or reaches age 100 when it will mature and pay the policy owner the face amount of the policy.

Permanent life insurance has a cash value which the policy owner can borrow. If the insured dies the death benefit will be the face amount of the policy, less the loan amount.

Most life insurance planning agrees that younger people with families will be better served to own lots of term insurance because of the need to protect the children from the financial woes of an early death of a breadwinner, and that permanent life insurance is necessary when we get older to cover final expenses and retirement.

Freedom Life Insurance agrees with this concept.

Most life insurance planning sequences will use a combination of term and permanent coverage depending on the needs and wishes of the clients. It is possible by using both types of policies in one plan allows for the maximum use of protection and cash accumulation to meet a budget that the insured feels is affordable. Freedom Life Insurance agrees with this concept.

Most term insurance plans are convertible which means that they can be converted to permanent policies regardless of the health of the insured. So once term insurance of a convertible nature is in effect, it can be changed to permanent coverage at any time before it expires. Follow at Facebook.

Elysium Health Provides Reliable and scientifically proven supplements

Researchers and scientist have been carrying out studies spanning into several decades before they can conclude the effects of specific compounds when used in the Human body. The FDA has standards that every drug or food should meet before being sold to the general public. Leonard Guarente who is an MIT scientist embarked on a journey to research and analyzed the effect of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD on mice and worms. He has founded Elysium Health as a startup company that is selling a product named Basis that reduces the extent of aging in a human being.

The effect of NAD has already been tested in mice and worms and has been proven that it elongates their lives as it reduces aging. The only problem is that it is almost impossible to state with certainty that the same effect or reduced aging will be experienced in a human being within a specified duration of time. For this reason, Guarente says they decided to sell the drug as a nutraceutical which can be sold without trials and approvals by the FDA. Along with Co-founders Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana, Elysium Health is looking to sell the blue colored Basis pill as a supplement and after that make a follow up on the clients involved. The Compound NAD is used by the cells to carry out metabolic reactions.

NAD compound decreases as age advances in human beings. According to Guarente, Elysium Health will meet all the standards that are demanded by the pharmaceutical board. He also says that the company will add other lab proven compounds to its product line without going through the FDA process. Karplus who is an 85 years old professor of Harvard said that he is eagerly waiting to get the Pills. Basis will be going for $ 60 per month or a $ 50 only for subscribed members. According to NirBarzilai who is the director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in New York, NAD replacement is one of the most exciting things happening in the field of biology today, but the FDA has not approved the findings.

Elysium Health is a company that was founded with the main mission being to elongate the lives of people through science and technology. The company aims at promoting healthy lives through their scientifically proven and sound products. The company is collaborating with world-class scientists and Nobel Prize winners. Among the top advisors and scientists include Daniel Fabricant, Eric Kandel, and Thomas Sudhof among other brilliant minds. While conducting research, Elysium Health has partnered with top stakeholders from Harvard University, University of Cambridge and that of Oxford. By performing an in-Human study, Elysium proved that Basis increases NAD levels by 405 after four weeks of usage.


Rick Smith is a Prison Innovator

Rick Smith has worked for Securus for nearly 10 years and, in that time, he has come up with many new innovations that will help people have a better experience while they are in prison and while they are working for Rick. They know what they are doing and they know that they can make things better for the prison. Rick Smith has always worked hard to provide the prisons with the help that they need through technology and other areas. He treis to make sure that Securus has the most innovative solutions so that the prsions will be able to choose them over other prison industry companies. It is something that has set the business apart from others and something that has made it easier for them to get the best experience possible no matter what is going on with the prison and with the differnet opportunities.

One thing that Rick Smith did that no other company had done before him was make sure that the company had kiosks. These are technologically advanced pices of equipment that the prisons can use for the prisoners to be able to communicate on. They can call their loved ones, request commissary items, check how much money they have and even communicate with the administrators of the prisons. These kiosks make things easier for prisoners and for people to be able to use them while they are in prisons. All of this helps the administration be able to do their jobs and to make things better for their own lives.Rick Smith knows, though, that prisons are not just all about the prisoners.

He knows that the prisons need to have strong administration opportunities so that people can try their best. He wants to make sure that the administration is being taken care of and that they don’t have to worry about the issues that come from running the prison. Rick Smith knows a lot about the right way to run it and is confident that he can help people with the experiences that they have so that they will be able to focus on keeping the prison safe.For administrators, Rick Smith developed different kiosks. He has booking kiosks and other ones that the administrators can use. These make things easier on the prison officials and will allow them the chance to make things better. Rick Smith knows a lot about how to help the prisoners and what he can do to improve the chances of the prisoners getting out which is something that will always help the administration because of the lower rates of return on the prisoners who come back into the prison and who want to be able to get out.

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Marc Sparks’s Greatest Success

Marc Sparks is one of the serial entrepreneurs that has experienced a lot of success. Therefore, he is someone that many people could learn from. However, he does have a success that exceeds all of the other successes he has. Many people tend to guess what this is. Some people would say that his greatest success is the fact that he has started and run more than one successful business. They would be right. However, there is one thing that influences what success is. One factor that has an influence on what success is is values. Learn more:


With that in mind, the greatest success that Marc Sparks has achieved is being true to his values. In the world of business and finances, it can be very easy to give in and sell one’s own soul. As a result, while the business owner has succeeded, he has put himself into a trap. While he may not feel the effects of it right away, there comes a time where he really feels it and finds himself regretting a lot of the decisions he has made. Fortunately, Marc Sparks has not given into this as he has worked really hard to reach his goals. Learn more:


Another noteworthy success is that he has found a way to share his examples with others. Among the ways he has done this is through his book called “They can’t Eat You”. He is someone who is willing to show people the path that he himself has walked so that they can experience their own success at what they are doing. While Marc Sparks has achieved a lot in his lifetime, he still has a lot of room to bring about more achievements. He is also involved in the community and is willing to help homeless people among others so that they can overcome their trials. Learn more: