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Fabletics Is Helping Active Users Look More Stylish While In The Gym

Have you ever noticed that most people will purchase clothing items that they see high profile celebrities wearing? Have you ever seen an outfit on a celebrity and wished that the item they are wearing is more affordable and able to be purchased? If so, you want to take a look at Kate Hudson and the brand Fabletics.


Kate Hudson is not the only person who is promoting the Fabletics brand, she has also brought in Demi Lovato. The Fabletics brand is for people who love to work out and who up until recently were stuck purchasing the same pair of yoga pants as everyone else in the gym. Since Fabletics has been released, many shoppers are flocking to purchase the brand because it is so stylish and the odds of your neighbor on the stepper having the same outfit on as you is incredibly low.


Do you know anything about the Fabletics brand? Did you know that they are in direct competition with Amazon. How is that even possible? Well for a number of years now, most shoppers who are looking to purchase new items for their home, cars and even clothing items, just to name a few have turned to Amazon to purchase the items they need. This has included athletic wear.


Since this time however, many shoppers are turning to virtual showrooms and fashion wear through membership programs. The reason being is that you can get affordable yet stylish clothes for a pretty decent price compared to other websites and stores that you might visit.


When you log on for the first time to Fabletics and join their mailing list, you will be able to under take the lifestyle quiz. This tool is designed to help you better understand what items will work best for you and what patterns or styles that you should stay away from. This quiz is not going to take very long for you to take part in and when you are done, you will have your own personal shopper to help you make out your choices.


When you receive each shipment, each month, if there comes a time when you find something doesn’t fit properly or you simply do not like the item, you will ship it back and will then find a credit issued on your account which can be used immediately or when you spot something that you might like later on down the road.

Richard Mishaan Design: Creating Beautiful Spaces

When you think about interior design or architectural firms in the United States, one of the few that come to mind is Richard Mishaan Design. The firm was established by Richard Mishaan, a Colombian-born architect and designer. Richard Mishaan is an alumnus of the Colombia University, School of Architecture. He is also a graduate from the New York University, where he earned his BA degree.

Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design firm that has earned its reputation in the market. The firm has also bagged some of the top clients in the real estate and hospitality industries. Not only do they work with commercial clients, but also homeowners. The firm is known for its mix of master designs and creative spaces.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist design for your office space, or you simply want to turn your hotel into a cozy and luxurious accommodation unit, Richard Mishaan Design has the right team for the job. Richard’s idea was to come up with a business that is a one-stop shop for all your design needs. He owns a line of furniture and lighting, which he uses to turn spaces into beautiful nooks.

Richard’s furniture business is located in Greenwich Village. Customers usually find anything they are looking for in the shop. Whether it is a vintage chair or a contemporary piece of furniture, you can be guaranteed of its quality. Richard believes that what make spaces beautiful are a few unique pieces and not necessarily the number. His home, for instance, is a true testimony to this theory.

Apart from running his interior design firm, Richard also enjoys writing. He has two published books to his name. He also enjoys fashion, something which he incorporates in almost all his designs.



Why America Loves Shea Butter

Do you suffer from dry skin? Does it feel like you’ve tried every brand of lotion on the market? Well, it might be time for you to look into the latest ingredient that holds so many benefits to the health of your skin. Shea butter. You’ve most likely heard the term before, or even seen it as an ingredient in a lotion you’ve tried. But what is most beneficial is all natural, organic shea butter by itself. There are endless uses with this awesome ingredient, so its time to check them out.

Shea butter is a fat. Yes-a simple fat from the fruit of the African Shea Tree. This fat is used in many cooking recipes throughout the world. That may be a shock to some, as most know the ingredient to be used topically only. But it is an all natural ingredient that CAN be ingested. As far as the skin goes, it does more than just moisturize. First of all, it prevents stretch marks which is a highly desirable scenario for women who are pregnant. It promotes elasticity in the skin, which helps reduce appearances of those stretch marks and lines. It also helps produce collagen naturally, without artificial ingredients or procedures. Shea butter is an anti-inflammatory, which means if your skin is swollen, you can apply it to the wound and the swelling will slowly disappear. Use it on your lips as the best moisturizer- it really does work, and is even in many lip products you likely own. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Meet Eugenia Shea. This company started their journey by solely using shea butter in different concentrations in three separate formulas that specifically help certain cases. The dermatological formula is best used for severely dry or patchy, rough skin. People that suffer from excema would benefit from this formula. The pregnancy formula says it all in the title- use to prevent those marks and lines that will ruin your beach body. The everyday formula is used for moisturized skin daily, so that you always soft, smooth skin. No matter which formula you choose, the benefits will be great with Eugenia Shea.

Beauty Hacks By Wengie

When it comes to skin care and beauty, Wengie uses a variety of hacks to make life a little easier. These hacks are easy to follow and use many of the items that you already have in the home. Wengie enjoys tea at all times of the day. One of the things about green tea is that it’s a wonderful toner for the skin. Combine the green tea with a bit of water in a spritz bottle to spray on the face. This will save money that is spent on refresher sprays. You can put the bottle in the refrigerator for a cooler feeling on the skin. Leftover tea bags can be used on the mask to remove puffiness.

Instead of putting toner on a pad, Wengie likes to put toner on her hand to get the product on the face as quickly as possible. She also puts toner in a spritz bottle as a way to wake her up in the morning. When you spray perfume onto the hair, it can be a little too strong. A way to get a light scent on the hair is to spray the perfume on your brush. This is something that you can do when you run out of a shampoo that you enjoy smelling as the brush will gently and evenly distribute the scent over the entire head of hair. Another hack is to use essential oils on the brush before styling the hair. The oils will keep the hair shiny as well. This will also keep the bristles soft.


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