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Rocketship’s teacher-led education system

Children learn more through their experiences that through reading in a class. True, education plays a major part in the learning process. The information they get in class plays a qualifying role in their career. However, the experiences they go through teach them the intangibles; determination, hard work, excellence, noble character, among others. These experiences they learn while at home. The environment at home will determine how a child interacts with others outside the house and will even affect the child’s learning in class.

Rocketship education understands this. This is why they have not stopped at building state of the art schools in low income communities- which is their primary goal. They have gone ahead to make sure that students who go to Rocketship schools, rocketeers, have a conducive environment at home.

Most recently, when the floods forced the residents of San Jose out of their houses leaving them with nothing, Rocketship provided the parents with a safety net to ensure they and their children are ok. Rocketship provided the parents of the kids in their schools with food, shelter and clothing. This not only helped the families in the hour of need but also ensure that even in the difficult time, the children could still concentrate in their learning.

Other than coming to the parent’s aid in times of need, Rocketship encourages the teachers to visit their students at home every once in a while. This is aimed at helping the teacher better understand the students they are teaching and the challenges they might be facing at home. This also allows the teachers to modify each learners education so that all can get the most out of the process.

Rocket ship is a non-profit organization that aims at bridging the gap of achievement between the financially able and those who have a challenge financially. Having realised that children coming from poor backgrounds are unable to access good education which is a major player in achievement, Rocketship set out to build state of the art schools in these communities, furnish them with the best equipment there is in the education sector and give rocketeers top notch services.