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Jason Hope Helps Advance the Future of Medical Science

Business entrepreneur Jason Hope recently made headlines when he pledged 500,000 dollars to an organization dedicated to fighting the process of aging. The SENS foundation conducts research into the processes of biological rejuvenation in the hopes of eliminating many age-related diseases. Mr. Hope expressed an interest in the work being conducted by the SENS foundation and more specifically the work being conducted by the foundation’s chief science officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey. The money contributed by Jason Hope will be used to further the foundation’s research into preventing age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis.

Jason Hope is often described as a futurist. He believes in the power of technology and sees it as a means to improve all aspects of human life in the near future. The money he pledged to the SENS foundation will help reshape various aspects of the healthcare system, including biotech industries and pharmaceuticals. Mr. Hope is a strong advocate of the work being conducted by the SENS foundation and as such, he uses his influence within the world of business to help pioneer the way for further research toward anti-aging. The SENS foundation is looking forward to having extended collaborative partnerships with people in the business community such as Jason Hope, who can help make a difference.

The philanthropic endeavor made on the part of Jason Hope to help advance the research conducted by the SENS foundation is just one of several charitable donations he has made over the years. In fact, Jason Hope has formed a grant foundation through which he is able to help young entrepreneurs get started in the world of business. He encourages young business students to aim their goals toward the future. As someone who graduated with a finance degree from the Arizona State University as well as an MBA from the state’s Carey School of Business, Jason Hope is more than qualified to provide advice to today’s future generations of business leaders.

As someone who always looks toward the future, Jason Hope is excited to see the innovations in technology as they pertain to the quality of life. He believes the advances in technology made today will impact the quality of life in the future, which is why he is proud to support such life changing efforts as the research being conducted by the SENS foundation. He knows the work being done by this foundation is in alignment with where the future of medical science is headed.