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Securus Technologies Keeps the World Safe

As people come to realize that making money is not the only goal a person should have, companies are beginning to become more active in promoting certain ideologies and moral beliefs. These companies mix the good of the business world and the good of non-profits. They produce a beneficial product that touches lives and is also of great quality. Social Entrepreneurs usually run these companies.


Securus Technologies is a wonderful example of a social entrepreneurship. Securus Technologies is the leading provider in America for civil and criminal justice technologies, as well as, solutions for public safety. They take seriously the issue of inmate on inmate crime, and they created products that dramatically decrease this problem. This is because inmate on inmate hostilities is the most common cause of death in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies lowers this abuse through various products. This first product is a system that allows Securus to locate contraband cell phones in a correctional facility. Once discovered, they can listen to previous calls or eavesdrop on new ones. They can also view text messages sent and received, even if they have been deleted from the physical phone. The reason Securus Technologies targets phones is because this is the most common what inmates plan to target other vulnerable inmates.


The second product that Securus created is the revolutionary Cell Defender. This technology utilizes radio waves already in place to pinpoint the exact location of a contraband cell phone. This helps since very few inmates hide the phone in their cells. Simply searching the inmate won’t cut it.


The third product that Securus used is a system called Wireless Containment Solutions, which blocks a phones capacity for connecting to Wi-Fi. This is crucial since inmates use Facebook Messenger to plan most of their crimes without the guards knowing.


Why Securus Technologies Is So Important to Inmates and Facilities

A technology company who is helping to make facilities safer for inmates and their employees is Securus Technologies. Year after year, they work to create new and updated ways to prevent crimes and to help solve them. The purpose of the company is to make sure that the facilities are safer inside and outside of the walls of the jail.


Crimes that occur inside jail facilities are high and it can be hard to control the population. The purpose of Securus is to help those crime rates stay low by creating programs and devices which control how inmates are behaving in the jails.


One instance is the creation of a program that is used to prevent cell phones inside of the jails from being used. Inmates are not allowed to have personal phones inside the jails and therefore when they do, the contraband is seized and the inmate is punished. The phones which are snuck into the jails will not connect to mobile networks as long as Securus Technologies services are used.


Securus Technologies is housed in Dallas, Texas with a number of offices in Texas and one office in Atlanta, Georgia. They help to serve more than 3400 people in public safety and law enforcement. There are more than a million inmates who count on Securus Technologies to keep them safe each year. Securus is committed to making sure that they serve and connect with emergency response teams and incident management members to keep everyone up to date on programs and services they offer.


Securus works each week to create a new program or service that will help to keep everyone safe. They strive to make the world safer for everyone in the facilities as well as those on the outside. They work with inmates, staff, family members and even parolees fresh out of jail.


The Securus Technologies; A Tool Of Crime Prevention.

Securus Technologies is one privately held company that has given incredible support to the American and Canadian governments in preventing crime. The Texas based Information and Communication Technology firm has been delivering outstanding services to correctional and holding facilities within the United States and Canada in securing inmate communications and confining their correspondence to the limits of the law. Securus Technologies has been preventing crime at detention camps, holding facilities in state and federal prisons, privately held prisons, and city camps.

Securus Technologies is an established company that serves a good percentage of all American and Canadian correctional facilities. It has overwhelming human resources of over 2,000 employees; all committed to ensuring that the integrity of communications within prisons and jails remains intact and guarded. The company installs state of the art equipment, both hardware, and software to monitor and regulate communications within the prisons. It has always made it its prerogative to stay ahead of the ever evolving technology associated with communication, especially because criminal entities in recent times prove to be some of the most innovative organizations in the two countries that the company serves.

To stay ahead of the game, Securus is always developing new technologies every week. It has already, according to PR Newswire, spent over 600 million dollars in its innovative endeavors of making technological, intellectual acquisitions as well as in obtaining patents. Sometimes, the company obliges to enter into partnerships with other companies just for the sake of coming up with new and cutting edge technologies capable of preventing crime. The most recent and successful partnership that Securus entered was with the Harris Corporation. The partnership led to the development of the “Cell Defender” technology. The “Cell Defender” alone renders all contraband phones and other communication devices useless since it blocks them from accessing mobile networks. According to reports by various prison officials, with contraband phones rendered ineffective, organized crime within prisons and crime organized by inmates and perpetrated in the outside world has drastically reduced.

The PR Newswire reports that prison officials, some inmates, and their families have been so happy with the efforts of Securus that they have been writing letters to the company. Some applaud the company for helping to reduce drug trafficking within the facilities. Others praise the reduced cases of coordinated attacks on inmates and officials, and managing officials claim that the company has been effective in helping to reduce corruption within the facilities.


Securus Technologies – the Leading Service Provider in Criminal and Justice Technology

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. It is a prison technology company that is aimed at profit making. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. Regional offices of the company are located in Carroliton, Allen, Atlanta and Georgia all in Dallas. Securus Technologies INC. has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CEO is Richard A. Smith.


The company has offered employment to between 500-1000 people and has contracts with 2600 correctional facilities in U.S and Canada. It also serves over one million inmates nationwide. Securus Technologies is focused on attending to the law enforcement communities and specialized needs of corrections.


In 2016, Securus Technologies reported that it had invested over $600 million in technologies, acquisitions, and patents. The company acquired the international brand leader in offender Management systems in June 2007.


Securus Technologies is the largest provider of detainee communications, government information and parolee tracking. It provides technology solutions to civil and criminal justice problems. The company develops a new product or service every week. This product/service helps prison and law officials to solve and prevent crimes.


Customers write to the company to recommend their technologies that they use in preventing and solving crimes. Customers have recommended Securus Technologies for assistance in retrieving information from phone calls in obtaining a search warrant for corrupt staff members.


Securus Technologies has been recommended for its capabilities in enabling investigations and improving jail security. Other companies have appreciated Securus assistance in retrieving a reporting data that has helped in monitoring and preventing incidences of contraband.


Securus Technologies has come up with investigative tools that have helped in conducting investigations in cases of complaints of harassment or any potential threats to the community. In other cases, the company has offered a covert alert feature that has been utilized in taking suspects into custody. Securus Technologies has come up with the LBS software that is used in recovering information.