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Desiree Perez Works Her Magic at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is making her mark when it comes to leadership with Roc Nation entertainment. She has done a lot of different things to help this company succeed, and Desiree Perez has become the staple that Jay-Z needs to take Roc Nation to the next level.

People look at the Roc Nation connection with Live Nation and see the work that Desiree Perez has done with major contract negotiations. She has worked with Rihanna and helped this artist get major contracts with Live Nation as well as other huge companies like Samsung. This is what Desiree is known for, but to understand the fullness of her workout plan one must really take inventory of her connection to all of the artists that are part of the roster at Roc Nation Entertainment.

It is true that Perez is representing the big artists like Rihanna, but she also has a great hand and representing those other artists that are not as well known. Desiree Perez has put her time into helping other lesser-known artists that are part of the Roc Nation roster. She is helping people that have been signed that may have not received a huge budget for marketing. These may be individuals that Jay-Z believes in, but many of them may not have the opportunity to get multimillion-dollar videos and budgets for what they’re doing.

This is where people like Perez are important. She has stepped into the Limelight for this company and helped so many of the artists that may have been looking for an opportunity to gain exposure with a mainstream audience. Perez is the person that is going to work on these things. She is also the person that helped Jay-Z with Roc Nation Sports. She has an app for negotiation for various contracts for athletes and entertainers.

Living on the Road: A Look at Doug Levitt’s The Greyhound Diaries

The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step. To those who firmly believe in their dreams and pursue their passions, life often leads them through struggles and triumphs. Taking to the road has begun an American tradition. Seeing the ever-changing landscape of American highways and country roads is often the theme of plays and albums. Doug Levitt is one of those nomadic artists and the creator of The Greyhound Diaries, a story of thousands of miles covered and battles braved to reach success.

Doug Levitt spent ten years working on The Greyhound Diaries. Prior to that, he was the youngest son of Washington D.C. councilmember. He lived normally until at 16 years old, when he discovered his father had committed suicide. Though Levitt originally sought to be a foreign correspondent, he switched his goals. Moving in Nashville in 2001 was the impetus for The Greyhound Diaries. Levitt also credits his mother, who exposed him to politics and a civil mindset, and the area where he grew up for motivating him.

Evocative and reflective, The Greyhound Diaries details a journey of more than 100,000 miles that exhumes the hardships of traveling artists, the poor, and homeless veterans. Music is interlaced with other multimedia. The songs were not only influenced by Depression-era Works Progress Administration projects but by the stories of those people Levitt encountered. During this time, Doug Levitt also considered himself a starving artists, busking his way from one bus stop to another.

The Greyhound Diaries gives the audience a unique look into a world that is often disregarded. Beneath the busy, common life, there are those searching for hope. Doug Levitt has not only given Americans a unique lens to see into the lifestyles of the poor and despairing, he gives you a look into his own experiences. The Greyhound Diaries is an emotional tale that puts you in someone else’s threadbare shoes.

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