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Nabors industry is an industry that was started in 1968 as an Anglo Energy Limited Company. The Company is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Antony Petrello who is famously known as Tony is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board of Nabors Industries Limited. This industry is the largest company in the world that deals in geothermal and natural gas.

Antony Petrello graduated from both Harvard University and Yale University. While in Harvard he acquired a degree in law and when in Yale he acquired a degree in Mathematics. After he graduated he went on and joined a law firm by the name Baker and McKenzie. He then moved to New York where he took the position of Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office, he held the position from 1986 to 1991.

In 1991, Antony Petrello moved to Nabors Industries and became the Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, he took the position of the president of the industry. He held the position up to 2003 where he took the position of Deputy Chairman of the Industry. He held the position up to 2011 where he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He became the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries. Antony petrello, besides being the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries ,he was the Director of Stewart and Stevenson Company and also he was the Director of Media on Demand Company and he is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Antony Petrello is popular since he is the most paid boss in the United States of America. He is not Nabors Industry producer but he is a contract driller and oil-filled service company.

The company does not only deal in natural gas and geothermal it also provides onshore well-servicing, offshore drilling rig servicing.

Antony Petrello’s success has inspired many people who admire him. People who know him say that he is a man who is humble and honest and they agree that the pay he gets is worth it. Tony is a man who has good business strategies and brilliant.