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Copa Star a World Class Hospital

Copa Star Hospital was inaugurated in October 2016 after being constructed for three years; it is a world-class hospital located in South Rio. Technology at the hospital is top notch, and patients who have stayed for long can do video conferencing to feel in touch with social world; the top-gear diagnostic center and MRI machines are found only in selected hospitals around the world and with this patients do not need to go elsewhere for services. The hospital is 21,000 square meters and seven floors, big enough to accommodate many patients; this is a hospital that can never be congested.

Patients can also access control of lights and curtains through an iPad; they can also receive MRI images and communicate with doctors and staff on the same iPad. Every aspect of the hospital is inviting and has high-quality setting; their dining area is comfortable and has an excellent menu to pick from, the foods served are prepared by great chefs. The corridors do not have the feeling of being in the hospital and visiting lounge is inviting.

Professionals of Copa Star went through intensive training to be suitable to offer the clients high-class services; prior to the training, they were selected from the best so they can give qualified services. It has over five hundred employees, and one hundred and thirty are doctors; here patients can get maximum attention from the professional at any time because of the ratio of clients and practitioners, is perfect.

At Copa Star privacy for celebrity patients, is high; entrance and exits are built in a way that they can come in and out without public noticing; the staffs are also trained to deal with such clients. With all this world-class facility and building, Copa Star assures customers that their health comes first, that is not just about the beautiful infrastructure. They aim at giving a pleasant environment for recovering after treatment; Executive Director of D’Or, Rodrigo Gavina believes a favorable atmosphere will make recovering fast.

Copa Star hospital’s founder, president, and cardiologist, Jorge Moll says the hospital is an alternative to flying out to seek medical assistance. They are planning to open other branches around the world with as time goes. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of high-class hospital Copa Star is the place to go. Visit their page on