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Jeremy Goldstein; the Corporate Expert in Termination Compensation

Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree In Bachelor of Arts and history from Cornell University and Masters of Art from Chicago University. Jeremy also has a law degree from the New York University of Law. He began his career at Shearman and Sterling LLP as an associate. In the year 200 to 2014, he was a partner at Wachtell,Lipton,Rosen, and Katz.Jeremy’s Main responsibility was in the area of compensation and issues that arise during mergers and compensation.


Jeremy then began his law firm Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC in 2014.The law firm has its offices in New York, and it’s a boutique law firm whose area of specialty is advising compensation committees,management teams and corporate in compensation and governance matters. Jeremy has been part of significant corporate transactions like the acquisition of Goodrich by the united technologies. He is also the chairman of the Merger and Acquisition subcommittee in the American Bar Association.He has publications on corporate governance and compensation issues and also gives public addresses on the same.


Jeremy in a recent interview spoke about how knock out options help employers and why recently most companies are not giving the employees the stock options.Jeremy says that companies stock is offering options to employees due to low stock value making it impossible to exercise their options.Employees are also aware that with a negative economic growth the stock becomes worthless and the cost of having the options many results in a loss. Jeremy though says that options as way of compensation has several advantages which include simplicity to the staff members,the fact that the options boost an employee earning should the share prices go up, and options result in fewer taxes especially when they are for executive staff members


Jeremy advises that the best solution for companies is to give employees knockout stock options which expire if the company stock price falls below a certain price.Knock out clauses result In lower compensation for the company. The knock out option ensures that the company stock doesn’t suffer in a time of exit especially in case the executive members of the organization are leaving.


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