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Meet Marc Sparks, the God-fearing Investor and Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is a famous and successful venture capitalist. The Dallas-based tycoon has established various portfolio businesses across the country like Timber Creek capital. Working in Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Bluejay Wireless enabled him to acquire skills in telecommunication. The renowned entrepreneur has interests in real estate, business solutions, and venture investments.


Mr. Marc Sparks started his profession in 1975 after completing his high school education in Austin. He began his entrepreneurial roles right after graduating. He has led in beginning many profit-generating projects with many of them succeeding. Marc believes that God gives human beings challenges for them to appreciate the roles that accompany success and keep them humble. He stated that the grace of God had enabled him to build a positive reputation in the business world. Marc attained a C+ in his high school exams and did not proceed to pursue any specialized training yet he became an owner of multi-million companies.


His creative thinking surprise many people, as Mr. Marc is capable of building enterprises from what many see as impossible. His unmatched experience of 30 years enables the talented inventor to come up with original culture practices, develop goals, and set patterns for each company he starts. Marc is a fearless individual who loves winning and is aware that it is okay to lose. He uses passion, faith, urgency, and tenacity as his fundamental pillars for his success.


Success Story


Marc Sparks gives capital to new businesses that show their potential to succeed. He is also an author and uses his book “They Can’t Eat You” to describe his career journey. The most selling book motivates upcoming developers who wish to join the investment world. He knows that people can make it in business only if the person believes in their potential. The publication also highlights the secret to success in the current business world.




Mr. Sparks is a generous and cheer-full giver. He detests any idea of keeping his wealth while it can help someone else going through problems. The God-fearing philanthropist is well known in Dallas, Texas. He has set up an initiative to support youths go through college education. Apart from funding educational projects, he also takes part in community activities. He is a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity where they build houses for the needy families in the region. He also helps in constructing and funding Samaritan Inn, a Dallas homeless center.




When not in the office, Marc Sparks enjoys hunting, adventurous tours, golf, and fishing. His traveling hobby gives him a chance to learn inspirational ideas that are necessary to boost his business skills. Sparks is a health supporter and spares some of his time to do workouts. Learn more: