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Mike Baur’s Startup Industry Experience

The startup industry is one of the most-volatile and interesting in the world. Someone who wishes to begin a business may approach Mike Baur and he will help them as part of his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. He knows that there are a great many companies that need funding in the new age, and he wishes to reach out to them as soon as possible. He will get them on a track that will lead to success, and this article shows how he will ensure the company is safe from losses that may have plagued them int he past.


#1: Where Does Funding Come From?


Mike has many connections in the industry that will reach out to him with funding, and he will pass on funding to his clients as it is offered. There are many exciting ideas that may bend the ears of investors, and Mike will get to know investors who are interested in working with his clients. He teaches clients how to use the money properly, and he saves them the trouble of learning on the job.


#2: Governance Issues


There are many governance issues that must be discussed when a company is started, and the company will be much better off if it follows the advice that Mike gives. Mike wants to see his clients choose managers and board members who will make a difference, and he will show his clients that there is a way to choose someone who will serve the business for many years to come. Mike does not get involved himself, but he does act as a mentor for his clients.


#3: Securing Funding For Future Projects


Mike knows that many of his clients have special projects they need funding for, and they will have another chance to come to him for help if they are not yet out of the funding phase. Mike does not graduate anyone from his business until they are able to stand on their own two feet, and he believes that he will help them emerge as a strong company that will stand the test of time.


Mike Baur is an expert in the startup industry who has spent many years working with companies that need a boost. He finds the funding that will make them better, and he ensures that they are formed properly so that they may be managed and governed as well as possible.