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Whitney Wolfe’s Role in Propelling Exponential Growth at Bumble

Whitney Wolfe married Michael Herd in the first weekend of September 2017. The breathtaking event took place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Whitney dazzled in her form-fitting full-length Oscar de la Renta gown, which featured an extended cathedral flowing train with a sheer veil spread over it. Beneath it, she held her hair in an updo.

The gown had a low V-shaped cutout on the back. For the dinner party, which was held in an outdoor dining area, Whitney changed into a slip-on dress with fringe accents. The destination wedding took place at Villa Tre Ville, a lavish Cliffside estate in Positano.

Whitney and Michael met in 2014 in Aspen and were engaged in 2016. Her new husband is an oil heir and the grandson of Bob L. Herd, the Herd Producing’s founder. Michael is the vice president of the Texas-based company, which owns over 400 gas and oil wells.

About Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney grew up in Utah’s Salt Lake City and studied international studies at the Southern Methodist University. At 19, and before she cleared college, she commenced her entrepreneur journey by making bamboo tote bags. She sold them and directed the proceeds into cleanup efforts of the BP oil spill. After clearing college, she worked in orphanages based in India.

Whitney Wolfe created and launched the Bumble app in December 2014. Bumble is a swipe-based dating application, which is set up in a way that allows women to initiate conversations in heterosexual matches. Users have 24 hours to respond to messages. In case they don’t, the match disappears.

The company has 70 employees globally. Although it has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, it has offices in other cities. In December 2016, it acquired Chappy, an LGBT dating app. In 2017, the company launched Bumble Bizz, a business feature which aims to expand networks and facilitate career moves among its users.

The service offers an opportunity to connect with brands, industry leaders, and mentors. It is available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France and is expected to roll out globally soon.

Bumble Bizz came after BumbleBFF, its first expansion that enables users to find new friends, workout partners, and accomplices outside the dating bracket. Women still have to make the first move with Bumble Bizz. With this single app, users can now date, make new friends, and find business connections. Still, there is no stopping for Bumble as it plans to launch advertising tailored to suit users in 2018.

Desiree Perez Works Her Magic at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is making her mark when it comes to leadership with Roc Nation entertainment. She has done a lot of different things to help this company succeed, and Desiree Perez has become the staple that Jay-Z needs to take Roc Nation to the next level.

People look at the Roc Nation connection with Live Nation and see the work that Desiree Perez has done with major contract negotiations. She has worked with Rihanna and helped this artist get major contracts with Live Nation as well as other huge companies like Samsung. This is what Desiree is known for, but to understand the fullness of her workout plan one must really take inventory of her connection to all of the artists that are part of the roster at Roc Nation Entertainment.

It is true that Perez is representing the big artists like Rihanna, but she also has a great hand and representing those other artists that are not as well known. Desiree Perez has put her time into helping other lesser-known artists that are part of the Roc Nation roster. She is helping people that have been signed that may have not received a huge budget for marketing. These may be individuals that Jay-Z believes in, but many of them may not have the opportunity to get multimillion-dollar videos and budgets for what they’re doing.

This is where people like Perez are important. She has stepped into the Limelight for this company and helped so many of the artists that may have been looking for an opportunity to gain exposure with a mainstream audience. Perez is the person that is going to work on these things. She is also the person that helped Jay-Z with Roc Nation Sports. She has an app for negotiation for various contracts for athletes and entertainers.

Troy McQuagge Acknowledged by One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge is a serial entrepreneur, business executive and sales professional. He has more than 30 years of vast know-how in health insurance. He primarily concentrates on start-ups and small business proprietors. McQuagge was born in Panama City, Florida and later attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with B.A in legal studies.

In 1983, Troy began working at Allstate Insurance, where he gained skills for a couple of years. On September 1996, he shifted to HealthMarket where and worked for 11 years as the president. Under his leadership HealthMarkets Agency, a marketing firm, significantly improved its yearly sales and revenue turnover. In 2010, McQuagge became the CEO and the president of USHEALTH Advisors where he is up-to-date. Troy has been known for his ability to find solutions difficult situations in the firm. Currently stationed in Coppell, Texas, Troy is termed by his colleagues to be a goal minded and visionary leader.

The Company

Troy McQuagge as the president of USHEALTH manages the project whose results were the unveiling of USHEALTH Advisors. The advisory branch objective was to be a distributive agency. In 2014, Troy McQuagge was elected the CEO of USHEALTH Group. His focal point was on individual insurance below the age of 65 and oversaw the firm’s development and an increase in profit margins.

USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm’s duty entails the distribution of insurance and its functioning. It focuses on small businesses, and self-employed individuals offering them the service health insurance. USHEALTH Group with the help of its experienced employees and agents has taken the profits to reach a new high in the health industry. From his effort and commitment, McQuagge was awarded the 2016 gold award in the CEO category by One Planet Award.

The Award

The Planet one Award acknowledges greatness in both individuals and businesses in any industry. The Award seeks to recognize individuals with vast leadership, innovation, organizational performance, corporate social responsibility, new product and services development capabilities. Any organization, may it be a non-profit or profit-making, limited or unlimited liability, and new or existing firms are given an opportunity to apply for the award for nominations. Check more:


Making Decisions About the Right Kind of FreedomLife Insurance Can Be Important

Life insurance is the perfect vehicle as it supplies an instant estate at the very moment a person passes away, and the price is discounted tremendously. The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers a very good program for customers to plan their life insurance estate and the policies to back the planning.

There are two types of life insurance, term life coverage and permanent life coverage. Term life is really temporary coverage as it will always expire at a certain date. Term coverage can be purchased by time periods of 10, 15, 20 and 30-year time-spans. This type of coverage is the least expensive due to its limited time of coverage.

Permanent life insurance is just that. It is permanent and does not expire like term does. In addition, term can go up in price but permanent live coverage does not. Permanent coverage will remain the same in price and coverage after it is issued until the insured dies or reaches age 100 when it will mature and pay the policy owner the face amount of the policy.

Permanent life insurance has a cash value which the policy owner can borrow. If the insured dies the death benefit will be the face amount of the policy, less the loan amount.

Most life insurance planning agrees that younger people with families will be better served to own lots of term insurance because of the need to protect the children from the financial woes of an early death of a breadwinner, and that permanent life insurance is necessary when we get older to cover final expenses and retirement.

Freedom Life Insurance agrees with this concept.

Most life insurance planning sequences will use a combination of term and permanent coverage depending on the needs and wishes of the clients. It is possible by using both types of policies in one plan allows for the maximum use of protection and cash accumulation to meet a budget that the insured feels is affordable. Freedom Life Insurance agrees with this concept.

Most term insurance plans are convertible which means that they can be converted to permanent policies regardless of the health of the insured. So once term insurance of a convertible nature is in effect, it can be changed to permanent coverage at any time before it expires. Follow at Facebook.

The Brilliant Eric Lefkofsky

Lung cancer has been enhanced by both the risk factors revolving around the genetics of an individual and the environmental factors. Smoking tobacco is affiliated to the environment generating lung cancer to the individual involved. Interactions involving genes that smoke has also been a contributing factor to the cancer disease.Very harmful microorganisms are spread through the polluted air hence spread of the disease.

The Research team in Dartmouth has carried out their investigations about variations in an individual’s body that can enable the individual to develop the disease. The results from the findingswere published in the carcinogenesis whereby it was established that two SNPs were responsible for the risk of obtaining the small cancer cells while one SNP was responsible for an individual obtaining large celllung cancer risk.

The OncoArray consortium was utilized for providing the phenotype and the genotype used in the studies.Eric Lefkofsky was born in the year 1969 in the United States of America. Eric has been among the co-founders of several institutions including Groupon, The Tempus, and theEcho Global, Light bank, inner workings and the Media Ocean.

Eric commenced his career by selling carpets. He formed a charitable trust together with his wife Elizabeth and named it the Lefkofsky foundation. The main aim of the foundation was to support organizations that were scientific, charitable and education oriented. The foundation focused mainly on helping children and has been successful to aid more than 50 organizations.

Lefkofsky has led various board meetings as the chair in different organizations including the art institute that is based in Chicago, the museum industry of science and the theatre company referred to asthe Steppenwolf. Eric has published a book that explains how business is affected by technology. Eric has worked on Tempus, a technological health center which has been established with the aim of building the infrastructure that will be able to make cancer modern.

Lefkofsky is the president of the Tempus health center that provides technological treatment. The data that is collected from Tempus has aided doctors in finding out a better plan for their patients. The technology at the health institution is able to treat even breast and lung cancer and various researches are being conducted on the other types of cancer. Tempus has employed 29 staff who have been enlisted on the company’s LinkedIn.

Lefkofsky has supported philanthropic activities promising to donate some amount of his wealth to support the fund. The healthcare sector has experienced breakthroughs with the experience and discoveries that have been made at the institution.Eric has been a great entrepreneur representing Chicago on the global platforms.

Preparing For Lifeline Screening

The importance of a Lifeline Screening can be immeasurable for anyone, regardless of their age. This is particularly true for those with certain inherited or otherwise acquired risk factors. With the modern technologies offered today, health screenings can help to prevent undetected health problems. Most everyone has heard of the services available through Lifeline Screening that perform ultrasound tests that reveal a lot about the body’s condition.

Normal screenings are used to develop preventative measures prescribed by your primary care physician. Additionally, specific screenings can also be used for individuals with certain high risk factors that could lead to illness or disease. All of the results are relayed to your doctor so that they can take steps to help you remain as healthy as possible.

Appointments with Lifeline Screening are easily obtained at convenient times. At the time the appointment is set, you will be given information relating to any special preparations prior to the visit. You may be expected to avoid eating anything prior to the screening for certain conditions. It is also beneficial to wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed since some tests may require their removal.

There are five different screenings performed by Lifeline Screening and one of those is the Carotid Artery Screening. This is an ultra sound reading of any buildup of fatty plaque inside this artery. Along with that is the screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm which checks for evidence of an enlargement of any portion of this artery which would make it vulnerable to rupture and can be life threatening. Lifeline Screening can also use EKG electrodes to check for Atrial Fibrillation which can lead to stroke caused by blood clots and other complications.

The only thing anyone has to do to get set up for a Lifeline Screening is to answer a few questions related to their own medical history. Once your appointment has been set, be sure to follow all instructions given to you by the center. Following these instructions to the letter is the best way to ensure that your experience is a good one.

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Elysium Health Provides Reliable and scientifically proven supplements

Researchers and scientist have been carrying out studies spanning into several decades before they can conclude the effects of specific compounds when used in the Human body. The FDA has standards that every drug or food should meet before being sold to the general public. Leonard Guarente who is an MIT scientist embarked on a journey to research and analyzed the effect of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD on mice and worms. He has founded Elysium Health as a startup company that is selling a product named Basis that reduces the extent of aging in a human being.

The effect of NAD has already been tested in mice and worms and has been proven that it elongates their lives as it reduces aging. The only problem is that it is almost impossible to state with certainty that the same effect or reduced aging will be experienced in a human being within a specified duration of time. For this reason, Guarente says they decided to sell the drug as a nutraceutical which can be sold without trials and approvals by the FDA. Along with Co-founders Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana, Elysium Health is looking to sell the blue colored Basis pill as a supplement and after that make a follow up on the clients involved. The Compound NAD is used by the cells to carry out metabolic reactions.

NAD compound decreases as age advances in human beings. According to Guarente, Elysium Health will meet all the standards that are demanded by the pharmaceutical board. He also says that the company will add other lab proven compounds to its product line without going through the FDA process. Karplus who is an 85 years old professor of Harvard said that he is eagerly waiting to get the Pills. Basis will be going for $ 60 per month or a $ 50 only for subscribed members. According to NirBarzilai who is the director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in New York, NAD replacement is one of the most exciting things happening in the field of biology today, but the FDA has not approved the findings.

Elysium Health is a company that was founded with the main mission being to elongate the lives of people through science and technology. The company aims at promoting healthy lives through their scientifically proven and sound products. The company is collaborating with world-class scientists and Nobel Prize winners. Among the top advisors and scientists include Daniel Fabricant, Eric Kandel, and Thomas Sudhof among other brilliant minds. While conducting research, Elysium Health has partnered with top stakeholders from Harvard University, University of Cambridge and that of Oxford. By performing an in-Human study, Elysium proved that Basis increases NAD levels by 405 after four weeks of usage.


Jeremy Goldstein; the Corporate Expert in Termination Compensation

Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree In Bachelor of Arts and history from Cornell University and Masters of Art from Chicago University. Jeremy also has a law degree from the New York University of Law. He began his career at Shearman and Sterling LLP as an associate. In the year 200 to 2014, he was a partner at Wachtell,Lipton,Rosen, and Katz.Jeremy’s Main responsibility was in the area of compensation and issues that arise during mergers and compensation.


Jeremy then began his law firm Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC in 2014.The law firm has its offices in New York, and it’s a boutique law firm whose area of specialty is advising compensation committees,management teams and corporate in compensation and governance matters. Jeremy has been part of significant corporate transactions like the acquisition of Goodrich by the united technologies. He is also the chairman of the Merger and Acquisition subcommittee in the American Bar Association.He has publications on corporate governance and compensation issues and also gives public addresses on the same.


Jeremy in a recent interview spoke about how knock out options help employers and why recently most companies are not giving the employees the stock options.Jeremy says that companies stock is offering options to employees due to low stock value making it impossible to exercise their options.Employees are also aware that with a negative economic growth the stock becomes worthless and the cost of having the options many results in a loss. Jeremy though says that options as way of compensation has several advantages which include simplicity to the staff members,the fact that the options boost an employee earning should the share prices go up, and options result in fewer taxes especially when they are for executive staff members


Jeremy advises that the best solution for companies is to give employees knockout stock options which expire if the company stock price falls below a certain price.Knock out clauses result In lower compensation for the company. The knock out option ensures that the company stock doesn’t suffer in a time of exit especially in case the executive members of the organization are leaving.


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My Tips For Saving Money When Planning A Corporate Event

I had the responsibility of hosting an important event for my company, and I was nervous about sticking with the set budget. However, I was able to plan a successful event without overspending. I want to share my tips for saving money when planning a corporate event.


Learn The Budget: You do not want to go over the budget when your company is hosting an event. The first thing I did was compare the prices for caterers, venues, entertainment and other aspects of the event. I also had to compare the prices for different event planning companies NYC. I made a list of everything that was within the set budget. I also read reviews to ensure I was only including reliable services on my list, and I was able to find services and professionals without breaking the bank.


Be Flexible When Planning: It is important to be flexible with your venue and event date. The venue I had my eye on was beautiful and available for my event, but the cost was just slightly over the budget. Luckily, a staff member informed me that they offer discounts to fill in the gaps on their calendar. I was able to book the venue for my event, and all I needed to do was host the event two days after my original date.


Book The Guests Early: We all book a hotel or flight early to get the best rates, and this same rule applies to guest speakers for an event. My team member suggested reaching out to my potential guests several weeks in advance. My guests offered me a reduced rate for contacting them early, and I was able to book their lodging and transportation before the rates increased.


When I needed help from corporate event planners NYC, I hired Twenty Three Layers. This company can plan any event from wedding receptions to award banquets. They helped me select a venue, meals and entertainment within my budget, and I would recommend them for any corporate event.


I have found that comparing prices, being flexible and booking early are great ways to stick to the budget when planning a corporate event.



SahmAdrangi’s Unnamed Stock Generating Interest

According to a recent exchange with Reuters, a person close to the situation has detailed that SahmAdrangi, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, plans to short a single stock, which to date, remains unnamed. This new fund has been recently coined as a co-investment and is unlike any previous deal. It is not uncommon for hedge fund managers to raise capital in order to recover failing energy companies or residential mortgage-backed securities, but for such a small New York-based company, this new move appears to be unique. In an email sent by SahmAdrangi to his investors, he detailed that his belief that Kerrisdale Capital Management’s ability to garner such significant backing in a short period of time has really resonated with the alternatives community. The unnamed target company has also been described by Mr. Adrangi as being worth north of $10 billion, and in an effort to continue to gain support for his thesis, he has been working hand in hand with Kerrisdale analyst, Shane Wilson, on a video, website, and a report that will further back his claims. An anonymous source has also leaked details about the impending deal, revealing that the target company will be revealed in May, as the company has already begun buying stock in the unnamed company in order to establish positioning.

Mr. Adrangi is currently the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, having overseen the day-to-day operations extensively since its inception in 2009. Mr. Adrangi began the company on a budget of less than $1 million, and the fund now manages approximately $500 million. He began to create a name for himself after successfully shorting fraudulent Chinese companies in 2010 and 2011. China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics are a few of the companies that he has exposed over the years. After Mr. Adrangi targeted the companies, China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued sanctions that changed their methods of operation. Through Mr. Adrangi’s continuous efforts, Kerrisdale Capital Management has continued to grow and has averaged a 28% rate of return on investment through 2016.