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The Generosity of Malini Saba

I really impressed with Malini Saba and what she has been able to do for women in the financial industry. I believe she is very influential and a lot of other women will follow her path.


She’s a role model for me because she let me know that there were women in positions of power in the world of venture capitalism. I always thought that this was an industry that was dominated by men.


Malini Saba is that a lot of people look up to. I think that she has a history and investing wisely definitely and people are fascinated by this. It takes a lot to invest in a company that is not yours. She is able to check out the ideals that investors are pitching and make decisions about whether she should invest. She takes a lot of risks, but she knows that the best profits are the ones that are characterized by taking huge risks.


In addition to her wonderful skills as an investor, I really like the way that Malini tablet is raising her daughter. She takes the time to walk her daughter to school and pick her daughter up in the afternoon. I think that this is very important because it shows that she can balance her business and personal life. That is what a lot of people struggle to do when they become business leaders. This certainly is the stereotype that is connected to women in the business industry.


A lot of their male counterparts assume that women cannot balance business and family life, but Saba has shown that she is powerful and investing her time wisely with business partners and her daughter. She has shown the world that she is capable of making sound decisions and her business and personal life.



There are also a large amount of people that are benefiting from her nonprofit organization. She had a desire to help women that were at risk in different countries around the world, and this is why she started this Stree Foundation. She has been able to help so many people, but she has no more hours in her day than anyone else. What this means is that she makes the most of every hour and every minute and she does all that she can do for the sake of others that are in need. I think that this generosity is very commendable.