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The Great Acting Career of Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley has been impacting the movie world for quite some time. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Wesley has had a passion for acting for a long time. He has a long list of movies and at the young age of thirty five continues to evolve as an actor.
Paul Wesley
Wesley went to high school at Christian Brothers Academy and Marlboro High School both in New Jersey. It was during his high school years that his love for acting began to blossom. Wesley worked on the soap opera ‘Guiding Light’ while still a junior in high school. Shortly afterwards he began getting multiple acting offers while attending college at Rutgers University. His acting career was born.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley has appeared in numerous movies and tv shows over the years. This long list includes well know films like Before I Disappear, Peaceful Warrior, Shot in the Heart. His list of tv show appearance includes well known shows like 24, Army Wives, Smallville and The O.C. His career also includes efforts as both director and producer.
Paul Wesley
Wesley has some recent works that are really getting attention from critics. In 2014 he appeared in Before I Disappear,a film by Shawn Christensen. The film earned lots of praise won the South by Southwest Audience Award. Also in 2014 Wesley appeared in Amira & Sam. Directed by Sean Mullin, Wesley played Charlie, a hedge fund manager. The film earned high praise after its release. Finally 2016’s Cal in Camo was another great performance that earned Wesley great praise.

Paul Wesley has built an impressive resume. At the young age of thirty five, he seems destined to make many more great performances both on the big screen and on tv.