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The Secret behind Securus Technology Success-Rick Smith

Every company wants to have high returns and be named as one of the best enterprises in the state. No company begins with the aim of failing. However, a majority of the companies do not live to see their dream come true. One of the contributing factors is a poor choice in the leadership system. A good CEO is a key to the success of every institution. This is because the CEO makes a lot of major decisions for the firm. It is these decisions that either fail the company or builds the business. It is, therefore, crucial for every company to evaluate their CEO before nominating them.Securus Company is among the leading companies in technology provision. Many designers and engineers have been trying to take their position with no success. This is because of its able CEO Rick Smith. Rick Smith was announced officially as the Securus technologies firm on June 23, 2008.The nomination was as a result of his expertise and experience in the field.

Rick Smith has very quality credentials academically. To begin with, his a degree holder of B.Sc. Engineering. Smith also holds a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA. With this kind of knowledge, Smith can run the company in achieving its goal.Apart from the rich academic background, Rick Smith is very experienced. This is because he worked for other companies before joining Securus Company. Smith is remembered for a good job in his past work stations. In Eschelon-Telkom he helped the Company hit a $350 million revenue from its initial $30million.He also helped the EBITBDA achieve $80M.With this combination, Smith is the ideal CEO of the Securus technology. He is highly innovative as well and continues to outdo other companies in the field.The Securus technology specializes in both public safety as well as the penitentiary technologies.

The company has helped maintain the bond between the inmates and their family members. Human beings are programmed to forget the people they do not see. This can be very harsh to the detainees. Having no one to show you love while you locked up, could cause enmity between the inmate and their family.Luckily, the prisoners are not subjected to this kind of punishment. Securus Company has invented special gadgets that allow the inmates to communicate with the outside world. The gadgets have the options of using audio or video calls. There is a program that the prisoner’s family can sign up to, to communicate with the convicts away from jail. This has made communication with detainees more efficient. Securus Company has been making significant steps in the provision of high technology. This shows that Rick Smith is the right leader for the company. Securus technology has a big number of people depending on it for safety, and it has made it satisfy all of them.