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USHEALTH Group Inc., the Best Provider of Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a privately owned group of companies that provide exceptional tailor-made health coverage services. Through its subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, USHEALTH Group Inc. offers specific insurance services on Accidents, Disabilities, and Diseases. With more than five decades experience and service to over 15 million clients, USHEALTH Group has achieved tremendous success as well as winning various business awards.

Company’s Products

Based in Fort Worth Texas, USHEALTH Group of companies believes in providing their clients with unique, reliable, flexible and affordable insurance products. USHEALTH Group has over the years focused on expertly offering health coverage meant for individuals who are self-employed, small entrepreneurs as well as their families. USHEALTH innovatively combines its employee’s unique talents and that of their agents to provide superior services to their customers. Also, they have strived to offer profitable and competitive insurance products.

The group fundamentals drive the USHEALTH Group subsidiaries, ‘Every customer is special and unique.’ They specialize in health coverage services like accidents, fixed indemnity health plans, dental insurance, critical illness as well as life insurance coverage. Also, the group offers other consultancy services including guaranteed issue plans, health insurance agents, and insurance agent recruiting.

Furthermore, USHEALTH Group Inc. through its subsidiary USHEALTH Advisor offers its customers with special counsel. The certified and authorized agent provides expert guidance to the company’s client on the health insurance services. The subsidiary assists customers on a daily basis to understand the sophisticated health insurance services. Therefore, customers can choose the appropriate products for Disease/sickness, life, and supplemental services.

Recognition and Achievement

USHEALTH Group Inc. won the 2017 Gold Winner at the CEO World Awards for its initiative in Corporate Social Responsibility. The desired global award embraces the world’s best innovation, company performance, leadership, products, and services invention. Speaking after receiving the award, the group President and CEO, Troy McQuagge, appreciated the recognition. He dedicated the winnings to the company’s employee and agents’ effort, having worked so hard to make a positive difference in American lives.

At the CEO World Award, the group CEO, Troy McQuagge bagged the 2017 Gold Winner CEO of the Year Award for the second year running. His recognition was for his exceptional leadership skills at the helm of the group. In February 2017, USHEALTH Advisor won the Gold Stevie Award for the category of the National Sales Team of the Year. The Stevie Award recognizes exceptional customer services, business development, contact center as well as the sales professionals.

In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named among the top American Companies by the Top 50 North American Call Center for their unique customer services. Also, the group unequaled customer care services have earned them the Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

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