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Why Securus Technologies Is So Important to Inmates and Facilities

A technology company who is helping to make facilities safer for inmates and their employees is Securus Technologies. Year after year, they work to create new and updated ways to prevent crimes and to help solve them. The purpose of the company is to make sure that the facilities are safer inside and outside of the walls of the jail.


Crimes that occur inside jail facilities are high and it can be hard to control the population. The purpose of Securus is to help those crime rates stay low by creating programs and devices which control how inmates are behaving in the jails.


One instance is the creation of a program that is used to prevent cell phones inside of the jails from being used. Inmates are not allowed to have personal phones inside the jails and therefore when they do, the contraband is seized and the inmate is punished. The phones which are snuck into the jails will not connect to mobile networks as long as Securus Technologies services are used.


Securus Technologies is housed in Dallas, Texas with a number of offices in Texas and one office in Atlanta, Georgia. They help to serve more than 3400 people in public safety and law enforcement. There are more than a million inmates who count on Securus Technologies to keep them safe each year. Securus is committed to making sure that they serve and connect with emergency response teams and incident management members to keep everyone up to date on programs and services they offer.


Securus works each week to create a new program or service that will help to keep everyone safe. They strive to make the world safer for everyone in the facilities as well as those on the outside. They work with inmates, staff, family members and even parolees fresh out of jail.